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"Friendship isn't a big thing - It's a million little things"

Who doesn’t need friends? We believe that having meaningful social relationships improves our quality of life. With all the social skills that we have learned in 1:1 Therapy, it is time to put them in good use!


In our Social Group, small groups with similar age range are clustered and age-appropriate social skills are introduced and practiced through hands-on and fun activity teaching. Instead of just being a teacher, we act as a group facilitator to facilitate the interaction while maintaining the group dynamics. Through words, affect, and action, we create a rope that extends from one child to the other, encouraging an inter-circular relationship!

  • Social Play

  • Reciprocal Conversation

  • Negotiation and Compromising

  • Social Boundaries

  • Maintaining Friendships

  • Cooperative Interactions

  • Group Projects, and many more!

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