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We believe that the quality of our services and our collaborative approach to support families is what makes us special! We strive to promote meaningful and positive behavior change through motivation, tailored teaching and teamwork.

Individualized Learning Plans  ­–  Our children are unique, and so their learning plans should be too!

Research-based  –  Our children deserve proven and comprehensive ABA interventions backed by scientific research.

Supervision    Our children’s time is valuable so we ensure regular and closely-monitored supervision of their progress. This is the best way to prevent time from being wasted!

Professional Development   When our children are learning, so are we! We provide on-going training and professional development workshops for all our staff so we are well-equipped to effectively help our children in all areas.

Parent Involvement - You know your child the best! Therefore we welcome, encourage, and especially love constant parent input and feedback throughout the process.

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