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"Find Your Unique Pace"

We believe that every child can learn at their own pace, and it is all about finding the learning style that best suits them. Our 1:1 Therapy targets the child’s all-round skills development. Our children are unique - and so their learning plans should be too! An individualized learning plan will be developed based on the child’s level.

We incorporate the use of proven
ABA interventions (Applied Behavior Analysis) which is backed by scientific research. This program greatly benefits children with different learning profile - behavioral challenges, social difficulties, attention deficit, etc. The child’s learning motivation makes the backbone of the progress so we do everything to ensure happy and effective learning is happening!

  • What is ABA?
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  • How can ABA help?
    As well known, ABA can help reduce challenging behaviors by understanding how human behaviors are learned and how they can be changed over time. Yet, there is more! ABA also involves many scientific-proven techniques to encourage socially significant skills, which can improve the life experience of an individual. The skills include but not limited to: • Social • Language • Academic • Daily life • Self care, and more! ABA can be utilized across individuals with different learning styles - from childhood through adulthood, from school to workplace!
  • Who benefits from ABA?
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